Everything you need to know about our brand.

At C'ÉTAIT BIEN we've noticed that in the clothing industry there are not a lot of brands that stand for a 100% "green" way of producing clothes. And that's why we at C'ÉTAIT BIEN produce all of our clothing in a way that we think suits the future of the planet the best. All the items we make are made ethically, locally and with either 100% recycled material or 100% biological fabrics. 

At C'ÉTAIT BIEN you're shopping the best, for the better of our planet.

Locally made

All of our products are proudly made here in the Netherlands

Made to last

Our products are made to last. Sustainability = longevity


We make all our clothing with the planet in mind. Everything is made with 100% recycled or biological fabrics

Where did "C'ÉTAIT BIEN" come from?

With C'ÉTAIT BIEN we wanted to create a brand that people can trust, a brand people can find themselves in. The name of the brand is French for "it was good". With our brand name we try to look back on a period in history where there was less worry in the world. A period where we weren't worrying about how much time we have left to save the planet, or looking for a possible life on a different planet because we screwed this one up. This was the biggest motivator to create C'ÉTAIT BIEN:

A clothing brand that stands for sustainability and a future on planet earth.